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Vegeta Grill piquant BBQ

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Vegeta Grill piquant BBQ

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Spicy food lovers know that there are spices that are just spicy, and those that are spicy and tasty. Vegeta Grill piquant BBQ is an excellent excuse to invite your friends over for dinner, and explain the difference to them. Everything will be clear at first bite!

Bring your friends together around the table for a little spicier and more piquant food, especially with tasty grilled meats. Vegeta grill piquant BBQ will be a real treat for the experienced, a true test for the brave, and for those who have accidentally found themselves there… they’ll be sure to discover something completely new about themselves! 

  • Exclusively natural ingredients
  • No added flavour enhancers
  • Practical packaging and use


Sprinkle and/or rub Vegeta GRILL piquant BBQ seasoning onto the meat. Add oil to taste. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before cooking. For a more intense flavour, keep it overnight in refrigerator. BBQ, grill, pan fry or bake.

Storage: keep dry at room temperature.
Shelf life: 21 months
Package: bag 30g


salt, spices 32% (dehydrated garlic, chilli 5%, hot red paprika 5%, black pepper, mild red paprika, ginger), dehydrated onion 15%, sugar. May contain traces of wheat flour, milk and eggs.

Nutritional values

Energetic values and nutrients per 100g of product

Energy value

771 kJ/183 kcal


1,6 g


30 g


6,5 g


18,6 mg

Other packings

Vegeta Grill classic 170g

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