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Vegeta Grill Classic

Only for the greatest grillmasters

Vegeta Grill Classic

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Perhaps the answer will surprise you, but you are the greatest grill master! Yes, you! Why? Because you use Vegeta Grill Classic! Just proudly add Vegeta Grill Classic to meat and you can then reveal your “secret” for a fantastic, juicy grill.

Vegeta Grill Classic can be used for all types of meat and vegetables prepared on a grill. With aubergines and courgettes as a side-dish, with chicken, hamburgers and other minced meat, pork chops and sausages as the main dish. With anything that you can imagine. With its combination of seasonings Vegeta Grill Classic emphasises the natural taste of the ingredients.

  • Handy and quick seasoning of meat or vegetables
  • Provides a fantastic succulent taste to grilled dishes
  • Suitable for all meats and vegetables


Sprinkle the meat with packet contents. Mix Vegeta Twist into minced meat to prepare meat sticks, hamburgers or similar dishes. Let stand for about 30 minutes. Fry in a pan, on barbeque or grill.

Storage: keep in a dry place at room temperature.
Shelf life: 24 months
Package: bag 30g, shaker 170 g


Table salt, dried vegetables 14.4% (garlic, onion, carrot, parsley leaf), flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), sugar, spices 6.1% (black pepper, nutmeg, bay leaf, marjoram, cardamom), corn starch , colour (riboflavin) may contain traces of celery.

Nutritional values

Energetic values and nutrients per 100g of product

Energy value

677 kJ/160 kcal


1 g


30.8 g


9.1 g

Other packings

Vegeta Grill classic 170g

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