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Let that grill know who's the boss


In cooking, there is no greater freedom than heading outside and firing up the barbeque. With the right “fuel” and the right flame, the barbeque almost cooks itself. Almost being the key word. Knowledge, ideas and little tricks in preparing the food and the flame are what make the difference between an okay barbeque and a fantastic barbeque. So heat up your skills and the grill with our tips and sharpen your knowledge. When you’re ready, take the test at the Grill academy and win a Grill master certificate!

Sharpen your knowledge

Grill Academy

Learn everything about preparation of grilled meat, fish, vegetables and barbecue utensils. Best tricks, great ideas and the most closely guarded secrets of the grill masters are waiting for you at our Grill Academy. Become an academic citizen and impress everybody with your grilling skills. So, professor, can we start?

Preparing a grill

Use charcoal briquettes. If you use wood, pick beech, hornbeam, or olive tree.

To start a fire use finely cut trees, eg. a little of dry wood chips or a few twigs.

Dried grapevine and maybe a well dried pinecone (use only the open and dried ones) will add a specific pleasant smell.

Wooden fruit boxes (crates) will be perfect for kindling a fire.

Stack the right amount of coals in a pyramid shape in the middle of the grill, place small burning materials on the coals, light, and allow the coals to burn for at least 20-30 minutes.

Never put the wood under the coals because the wood will not burn out completely thus allowing the fire to appear later.

Do not use paper for kindling because the wind will transfer the ashes on the meat.

Glowing embers need to be intense, but balanced. A weak or not strong enough fire is a big grilling mistake.

Preparing food

Ensure enough room for each stake on the grate for flipping and moving during the grilling.

In order to get a perfect steak, you first need to brown it over the hottest part of the grill, and then grill it over a moderate fire to provide the meat taste could fully develope.

Flip the meat and fish only once.

Flip the meat when you notice the released juices penetrating on the upper side or when the meat starts to change its colour at the edges, geting brighter.

Make sure your fish is  dry and notched along the bone so as to be better roasted on the inside.

When put on the grid, it is necessary to repeatedly move the fish on the grate thus keeping it from sticking.

Flip your fish only once, when completely separated from the grate, ei. when its eye gets completely white.

As the meat grills, it becomes firmer and increasingly solid, so make sure to remove it from the fire in time.

As soon as the steak is grilled to your liking, remove it from the grill and coat it with a little oil or a teaspoon of butter  - this will make it particularly juicy and delicious.

Prepare your grill

Clean (brush off) the preheated grill  and grease it with a slice of bacon or with a little oil to prevent the meat from sticking on the barbecue grill.

If you can hold your open palm above the grill up to 3 seconds, you have the ideal temperature. 

Always have a sprig of rosemary or a brush to apply oil or marinade close at hand.

Meat or fish must not be dry. Oil clogs the pores and prevents the loss of moisture, which will provide excellent meat or fish juiciness.

Grill accessories you need to have: long-handled tongs and spatula with handle, kitchen brush and water sprinkler, although wet coals are better fire extinguishers than water.

Just before grilling, you can sprinkle the hot coal with wild, fresh or dried herbs, such as rosemary, oregano or estragon to give your food an irresistible aroma and taste.

Do not use paper for kindling because the wind will transfer the ashes to the meat.

Always keep the grill grate at 15 cm from the grill.

Choose Vegeta grill and start grilling

Get out of the kitchen and indulge in the grill adventure! If you want the adventure to have the best outcome, choose Vegeta Grill products. Our marinades do not add a new taste to meat or vegetables, they only emphasize the existing tastes, and it only takes 30 minutes for this to happen. That's why you can be sure your meal will be quickly and conveniently seasoned, meat will be juicy and will taste fantastic; and most importantly -  everyone invited to the meat feast will realize what an amazin grill chef you are.

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